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Almost a month…

On Tuesday, I will have been in Mérida for exactly one month. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Every day, I feel a little bit more confident about what I am doing and how to get around the city, but I still have a lot to learn.

I have been teaching for 2 weeks now. I teach 2 classes Mondays-Saturdays. My largest class is 6 students, which I love because  the students get lots of practice and I can tailor the classes really easy to what they need. I have one student who is not happy about English classes because he has to get up early on Saturday mornings and miss his favorite T.V shows. The first class, he had a scowl on his face almost the whole time, and didn’t want to complete any of the activities I had planned. I’ve been able to change the class to make it more active and involve a lot of games. Yesterday, he spent most of the class smiling/ laughing (although, he told me he still doesn’t like English class because he doesn’t get to watch T.V. …baby steps).
I have also started taking salsa dance classes. Remember that part where I said I’m feeling more confident now about how to get around the city? I have been biking to classes, and the first week, I got turned around a few times. The city is divided into colonias (neighborhoods). It is really easy to navigate within each colonia because they follow a number grid. All the N/S streets are numbered in order by odd numbers; all the E/W streets have even numbers. However, once you enter a different colonia, all the numbers change. That made it a little challenging to navigate the roads the first week, but now I have found the best bike route and can bike there easily.

Everyone at the classes has been very welcoming! Last week, the salsa studio had an excursion to Cancun (about 3 1/2 hours away), and invited everyone who was taking classes, even if we had only been taking classes for a week. We carpooled and left Saturday afternoon. Along the way, they pointed out all the places I should visit (Chichen Itza, pyramids built by the Mayans; cenotes- underground lakes; etc) Saturday evening, we went to dance salsa right next to the ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous! On Sunday, we spent the day at the beach. It was a wonderful weekend excursion.

This weekend, I have just been around Mérida, so that I could get some work done. This week, I start teaching adult English classes in the morning. I am going to plan my classes for this week right now, but I’d love to hear what you all have been up to!


One comment on “Almost a month…

  1. Bonnie and Dick
    October 14, 2012

    On our way back from Chippewa. Enjoyed lunch with your Grandmother. Leaves all peaked here but skies been gray and rainy. We were in Rhinelander 2 wkd ago. Fall cor was spectacular with the most beautful blue skies! Grandmother Mary has enjoyed the changing colors but not drop in temp! She’s looking good, putting on weight 107! And in usually a joyous and sometimes sassy mood. Dick & I had a great fire with a fine mist last night, listening to James Taylor”I see fire I see rain” chatting with Lisa&Paul and sipping wine. Lisa had just enjoyed 2 weeks in Hoenix house and dog sitting. Said it was ” an out pf world experience”. So glad you’re doing well. Sounds like you’re a natural at teaching like your aunt and grandma! Take care! Oh yeah my son Bill and his girlfriend( first mate) are planning to winter in Cabo San Luca living on their sailboat. I know it’s opposite shores but just thought it’d be a warm fuzzy to know another former Wisconsinites not tooo far away. Are you teaching everyone sheephead??Bonnie & dick

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